Spring is Springing!

After months of enduring the bitter cold in this northern tundra, we’ve finally gotten two warm sunny days in a row. And by warm I mean temperatures in the forties. It had been projected to be in the fifties, but we just didn’t quite make it there.

Despite that near miss, there is nothing more thrilling for northerners than spring after a long cold winter. There’s been talk about the cardinals returning. And no, we are not talking baseball, but the splendor of nature. There have been few sightings, but their singing has been heard, and stories are being told about the migration pattern of the birds. Yes, everybody becomes an expert on all things Spring.

Northern Cardinal

But birds are not the only signs of Spring. The snow is melting, the days now have equal light and darkness, and the sun is shining brightly and more importantly giving off more warmth.

So here at ClassicRuth we are grateful for renewals, and lightness, and springtime and the enjoyment of mellow days. Because soon enough the conversation will switch to the heat and discomfort of summer.

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