Time passes

Whether you notice or not life is always moving on. This coming week my husband and I will be celebrating yet another anniversary. So much has happened to us, and through us, and yet it seems like its been no time at all!

Was tallying up the wins and losses in this march towards the inevitability. In the win column we found each other, got married;

traveled and lived many places; had wonderful children; and awesome helpful parents.

In the loss column, we lost each other and ourselves to jobs; and kids; and activities; and illness; and aging parents; and the loss of parents; and to small and big disappointments. And to time.

So I’m tasked with finding a place that’s close by and more quiet than not, to get away and celebrate our marking off time together. Is that really all that we are doing? marking time? Where did it all go? Was it worth it? How will the rest of our time look? What will it be like? Do we really get to decide?

I’m reminded of the recent memes going around from the refrain made by Representative Maxine Waters of ‘reclaiming my time’. Oh if only we could do that! So time might be winning, but I’m enjoying the ride. Here’s to the next 30 hubby!

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