Dietary Journey

My food journey began after my diagnosis with Leiomyosarcoma, a soft tissue sarcoma. I was determined to do everything I could to live a healthy lifestyle. I was and am depending on God’s will to make it a long one, but I willing to do my part.

I reasearched all the books and sites and blogs and vlogs I could find on the subject. The one I relied on the most was The Gerson Therapy. What impressed me was the fact that Dr. Gerson had testified before congress decades ago about how a healthy diet can cure many illnesses, including cancer. I had undergone one round of chemo and was left feeling so weak and sick, and on top of that lost all my hair that i felt there must be a better way.

A couple years prior my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. She surgery and did all her recommended chemo treatments and still succumbed within a year. Then I looked at the statistics and with only a fifty percent success rate, I knew that whether I lived or died depended on God’s will, and some lifestyle changes. So I decided to get in agreement with God. (A phrase I picked up from listening to Joel Osteen).

The foods and drinks I started to prepare myself were oil, sugar and fat free. And most if not all are quite palatable. I will share these in this section of my site. Hope it will be useful!