To go or nah?

Every Sunday morning I struggle with the same question. Should I go to Church this morning or not? I don’t know why this happens. I mean, I know as I shared in my earlier post that there are some parts of the service, such as the passing of the peace are difficult for me. But even when I’ve planned in advance, know which service I’ll attend, and have laid out my clothes just in case I’m running late, I still wake up with uncertainty.

So here I am on another Sunday morning, almost paralyzed with indecision. I know people fall into two categories on the subject. There are those who believe that you don’t have to attend church, as long as you have quiet devotions and stay in God’s word; and those who believe that its important to go and share the time with fellow believers. I believe both of these viewpoints are valid, and yet that doesn’t stop me from having the same struggle each week.

In Matthew chapter 18 verse 20 is states “for where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am in the midst of them.” So people use that as proof that one should attend church. Like everything else in the Bible however, this is open to interpretation. If the passage is read in its entirety, and the quote not taken out of context, we see that Jesus is referring to how one should approach a person who has sinned against him.

He’s saying that if you cannot resolve an issue alone, confront the offender with one or two more people to see if a resolution can be reached, for He points out that where two or three come together in agreement, “…it will be done for them by my father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19

So being that the Bible is a living document, and therefore open to interpretation, I struggle on. My human shortcomings need to be consciously and constantly checked. I’m not the only one struggling with this am I? The thing is, once I get there, I love the calm feeling that I get. I thoroughly enjoy the singing, and the sermon is usually spot on.

These things, sans the sermon, can also be found at the weekly women’s Bible study. So should I just stick to that? I definitely like the more intimate setting, and the ability to get to know the other ladies beyond a greeting and a handshake. And I’m not conflicted about attending, at least not often. 😊

And now it’s time to get ready. Hope to see me in church. Blessings to all!

2 thoughts on “To go or nah?

  1. I guess continue with the bible study with the ladies..since you are comfortable there..and with time this should help you with going the next level to widen your circle by worshipping with a bigger group of believers.
    May I ask why you are conflicted with the passing of the peace?


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