Classics with a twist

I love musicals. My favorite of all time is The sound of music. I would put it on many times when my kids were little and we would have a sing-a-long. But it was not only the music that I loved. I loved the scenery, the buildings, and most of all the costumes.

I just loved that dress that Maria was wearing when she said ‘the poor didn’t want these’; with such a sparkle in her eyes. She just oozed fun, mischievousness, and humor.

I would look for jackets with that a-line silhouette and would declare that they are my Maria jackets. My oldest daughter would just roll her eyes.

So when I started sewing again after many false starts, and decided to make children’s clothes, I couldn’t resist giving a nod to the lederhosen the boys wore. Of course I had to give it my own twist. The back of the waistband is elasticized, but also has buttons and buttonholes to make them adjustable, so that they are able to grow with the child. The straps have a ladder look, ’cause I felt ladder and leder were close.

I know that is a German word for leather, but since mine are made from fabric, I thought I would have fun with the play on words and on the design. And people are always asking for cute boys clothes. These fit the bill!

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