Mango salad

“Wen yo eat di fruit and di juice di run, memba fi tro di skin outta di way. Mango di drop bip bap.” I remember singing and bopping my head to this folk song.   We couldn’t wait for mango season when I was growing up! We had Hayden, Judwig, quashy, and apple mango. The number eleven, the hairy, the blue and the slippers mango. There was also the common mango and my personal favorite, the black mango. We had so many varieties of mangoes that I’ve lost count. But the tastes! Just so unforgettable!

These days they have a Mango Fest down south in Hopkins village every year. Why did no one think to have these things when I was growing up?! The festival has a fusion of foods from all the cultures in Belize – Garifuna, Creole, Caribbean, European, and North American influences, you can also find philipino-caribbean fusion. You can sample such delights as mango Chimole, mango salsa, mango ceviche, mango chutney, mango smoothies. If you just want a little sample or snack you can have a mango-ginger or mango-pineapple ideal, or scoop of ice cream. If you must have hard drinks you can have a mango daiquiri or mango colada made with Belize rum.

Ok, now that I’m fully salivating. I better get to my salad; I hope it will be as satisfying as some of those mentioned dishes. Maybe future posts will include some of the above. For now I need to make my lunch. I found a mango in the fridge that my daughter had bought and abandoned, and that’s what sent me off on a tangent in the first place.

This is real simple but it’s crisp, tasty, and perfect for lunch on the fly. Hope you try and enjoy.


Spring greens

1 ripe mango

½ medium tomato, chopped

Cottage cheese

Nutritional Yeast

Flaxseed oil

Just layer the ingredients in the order listed, and voila!

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  1. Said I’d try a reply via email.

    This looks so good. Will see if I can still find a mango
    With the mango juice no dressing needed.

    Learnt a lot about mango fest


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