Festive Aprons

Every summer my sister-in-law has a festival called onion fest at her farm. Her farm is an organic farmstead in southeastern minnesota called Dream Acres.

This year she ordered aprons for her staff, and I set about creating them. Turns out they were a lot more labor intensive than I thought, as I had to draft, print, stencil, paint and sew every feature.

Handmade stencils to customize the size
Making the embroidery patches

The festival is coming up near the end of August, and I can’t wait to see them on the workers.

The finished Product

Originally I used a different fabric and colors. The onion was still in orange but a more muted color, and the large letters were in blue, while the smaller letters were in green. What do you guys think of this color combo?

2 thoughts on “Festive Aprons

  1. Hi Ms.Ruth! I love the design that you have on this apron! It is very bright and fun, making me excited to try my hand at making dinner one day. I think the blue and green combination would look great as well. I look forward to seeing more posts!!!


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