Hide yourself for a moment

It’s been a while. I’ve been working through procrastination, distractions, and other gigs. I have felt battered and blown away from my moorings, and just couldn’t sit still and write. Well now we are all asked to sit still. To self quarantine. And so many people are resisting. Especially young people who want to enjoyContinue reading “Hide yourself for a moment”

Thanks Giving

It’s that time of year to be thankful for all the good things in our lives. Not that we aren’t thankful all year, but we are more expressive in our thanks on this holiday. Thanksgiving also kicks off the season of giving. For most people, that means giving material gifts. Either store bought or handContinue reading “Thanks Giving”

The Company We Keep

In her job as ‘guidance counselor to her children’, my mom was always drawing on truisms to steer us toward good outcomes. One of her aphorisms was ‘show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are’. And she wasn’t the only one to caution us. If you look at Proverbs 13:20 it says”Continue reading “The Company We Keep”

The things we leave behind

About a year ago I overheard the some ladies at a church group raving about death cleaning.  They weren’t talking to me, but I tuned in to hear what they were saying.  Apparently a few of them had read the book by Margareta Magnusson called The Gentle Art of Swedish death cleaning.  Just overhearing snippets,Continue reading “The things we leave behind”

Until the danger has passed

‘You can’t control what happens, you can only control how you react to what happens’.  In order to do this, one has to be very self- aware, and also able to exercise strict self-control. But what if what happens is something beyond your control? For instance, what if you get a cancer diagnosis? How doContinue reading “Until the danger has passed”